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Swami Vivekanand Jayanti- National Youth Day

Swami Vivekanand Jayanti or you call it National Youth Day. Youth day is a very important day for India. And we celebrate it in various ways the nation. The day has the significance of the great Swami Vivekanand’s birthday who believed in the power of youth. His life was all about encouraging young minds to think rationally and vividly. 

In 1985, the government of India named the day as National Youth Day in honor of Swami Vivekanand. A primary purpose of this event was to motivate the youth of India to follow in the footsteps of Swami Vivekanand.

Swami Vivekananda- The Story 

Swami Vivekanand’s original name was Narendranath Dutt who was born in the upper middle class family in Calcutta (now Kolkata). As a student at a western university, he acquired knowledge of western culture, Christianity, and science. With sympathy in his heart, he dedicated his life to social reforms. From a very young age, he had a profound interest in philosophy of spirituality. He frequently meditate in front of figurines of Hindu gods and goddesses. 

However, Swamiji always questioned the existence of god after the terrible family condition. His father, Vishwanath Dutt was an attorney. Soon his father died when Swamji was very young. The demise of his father led to financial poverty. His father Vishwanathji was the backbone of the family. After losing his father, his family’s financial condition, raised the question of God’s existence in his heart.

With his keen interest in Hindu gods and philosophy, Vivekanand ji met Debendranath Tagore. In 1880, father of  Rabindranath Tagore, asked Debendranath if he had seen god? With kindness he replied- “My boy, you have Yogi’s eyes”. But the answer didn’t calm the storm in his mind.

Swami Vivekanand Looking for Answers

Looking for answers, he met Ramakrishna Paramahansa in 1880, later became his guru. Swamiji asked the same question and he replied “Yes, I see Him as I see you, only in an infinitely intenser sense.

Receiving this answer with hidden deep meaning, Swami Vivekanand was happy with the answer. Later in his life, he had strong beliefs in humanity, power of mankind and significantly in youth’s capabilities. As a result, he believes if youth are guide in the right direction they will bring a positive change for the nation, which will help the country and society. 

Spirituality was just one of his qualities; he was also a prolific thinker, a great orator and a passionate patriot. He set forth a new paradigm for free thinking based on the philosophy of  Ramakrishna Paramhansa. In addition to working tirelessly to improve society, he served the poor and needy and dedicated his life to his country.

Swami Vivekanand Jayanti 2022

Significance of 12 January

Swami Vivekanand ji observed the major problem in the nation. Lack of education and people living in poverty. However his guru’s teaching and his divine grace of empathy made the world turn around to him. Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and many others applaud his teachings, speech & thoughts. In order to honor the great legend, the government declared 12 January as National Youth Day to remember him and follow his teachings for greater life. 

Celebration on National Youth Day- Swami Vivekanand Jayanti

Various Indian states celebrate this day with various events. Each with a different theme from the previous year’s. To inspire the youth with Vivekananda’s teachings, Uttar Pradesh holds a two-day event titled “Mission Bhartiyam” and “Basti Yuvo Mahotsav” both on the same day. In similar vein, other places like the Ramakrishna Math and Mission observe National Youth Day by offering prayer services, devotional practices, meditation programs, and other activities.

Additionally, Swami Vivekananda’s book “The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda” is also recited in several parts of India. National Youth Day is celebrated every year by the government of India, whose theme varies from the previous one and is based strictly on Swami Vivekananda’s teachings Vivekananda. Moreover, Vivekanand’s core teaching is “It’s all in the mind” is this year’s theme for National Youth Day 2022.

Unknown Facts about Swami Vivekanand

We may have known this legendary monk, however there are few facts which are unknown to the world about him.

Fact 1: Swami Vivekananda showed a keen interest in music from an early age. Additionally he was classically trained by two Indian masters in dhrupad, he was a well-rounded musician.  

Fact 2: A total of 31 illnesses plagued Vivekananda. Some of the most common health concerns he suffered from are liver, kidney damage, insomnia, migraines, asthma, and diabetes. Although, throughout his life, he observed and inflicted immense pain on his body. Swamiji even used to say that he won’t live beyond 40.  A ruptured blood vessel in his brain caused him to embark on heaven’s journey at the age of 39.

Fact 3: Even after earning his BA, Swamiji has lost faith in God due to unemployment. And he started saying – “God does not exist”

Fact 4: Swamiji adored his mother and worshiped her during the course of her life.

Fact 5: It is believed that Swamiji was very attractive. Many women were eager to befriend him, but they never prepared themselves for it. He once told a woman: Let go of all your silly desires and meditate on God. 

Fact 6: After his father’s demise, his family was in critical financial condition. Swamiji often lied about being invited to dinner party so that family can eat fairly.

Fact 7 : The family members desired to name the boy Durgadas, but according to Swamijji’s mother’s dream, the baby boy of the house was named Veereshwar while his official name was Narendra Nath.

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