Adopting minimalism

Rethinking the brand logo

Rethinking the brand logo: adopting minimalism

The logo, an important part of a company’s branding, has undergone a huge transformation in the past two decades. A common aspect in the most successful redesigns is minimalism, which is now the most sought after trend in logo designs.

What is Minimalism

Minimalism in design refers to giving minimum possible colors, effects and complexities to the design. The evolution in logo designs is mostly characterized by replacing 3D shapes with more flat components, simplifying the designs and eliminating luster from colors thereby giving a clean, clutter free look to the logo.

Why Minimalism

A minimalistic logo design makes your brand easy to recall and helps consumers grasp the most important information only at the first glance. Such a logo looks stylish yet elegant, classic yet contemporary.
Some of the biggest brands realized the impact of minimalism in branding and redesigned their logos. These new logos became trendsetters for a new era in logo designs.


Google’s success has often been credited to their clean home page. They tried to do the same thing with their logo design and so, after 6 redesigning efforts, Google finally came up with their most minimalistic logo in September 2015. The latest logo is a flat wordmark, with no 3D effects or shadow elements. The font used in the logo feels more contemporary, since it resembles the fonts we see on mobile screens and laptops all day every day.


Did you know the very first logo of Apple was completely opposite to what the current logo is known for? The first Apple logo made in 1976 consisted of a lot of things – an image of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, a quote by William Wordsworth about Newton’s unique thoughts and a lot of complex, intricate design elements. Steve Jobs later made minimalism the identity of apple, not just in its logo but in its products as well. This reflects in its current clean, sleek silhouette of a bitten apple which is the most iconic logo ever made.


Netflix was earlier known for DVD rentals and that was the essence of its bright, alluring logo which gave cinematic feels. Ever since the company has transformed into a streaming platform and started creating original content as well, its logo design bas been redesigned into a plain red text, ditching its black background and shadowy fonts.

To quote a very popular German Artist Hans Hoffman,
“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
This is the reason why minimalism is so popular today and every business needs to adopt it for their successful branding.

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