It’s all about Environmental graphics design

It’s all about Environmental graphics design

Environmental Graphs Design (EGD) also known as Experiential graphic design is integrating the built environment with image, color, illustration, pattern, and topography for an impressive experience. Graphic design, industrial design, architecture and landscape architecture are clubbed together for a perfect Environmental Graphics Design.

Environmental graphic designers have exhibited some great designs including retail design, entertainment environments and information design including maps. The following divisions of Environmental graphic design will elaborate it more.

Way Finding and Signage

Signage is used for navigational and site identification purposes which helps to identify a particular location or determine an intricate environment easily. Way finders and signage includes pictograms, road, and traffic signs, etc.


Interpretations can be accepted as exhibit designs which include historical sites. They educate people on the site along with their impact on the society with the historical personalities associated with them.


Placemaking centers on a distinct image for a site including architecture, interior designing, and site branding. It is a conceptual approach which stresses less on communicating information.

Environmental graphics design plays a prominent role in our lives. In interior designing, EGD creates a sense of belongingness and feels valued in your workplace. It provides inspiration to the users regarding their work and creates an impact on the business on a large scale. It also allows the companies to honor the local culture and context creating a perfect workplace.

Signs and symbols help in smooth functioning of the environment without chaos and disorder in the community. Pictograms and signs warn about the dangers, for instance, a pictogram on a hazardous chemical dangerous for our life. On the other hand, there are road signs, markings and package symbols which provide direction to use or handle the product taking into consideration the health factor.

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